Technologies explicitly strengthened in the life of all people around the world. Software products serve or, at least, accompany each of us every minute of the life. Developing modern IT solutions makes us being embedded in creating technologies of the future. We enjoy doing this job.

The basic tenet we follow when starting a project that “we want to be proud of work we perform, it matters WHAT we do and HOW it’s done”. The result of any project depends on the arranged work of the whole team, and the efforts of each involved member. So that we create trust relationships with the employees, give enough freedom and space, and build processes that encourage to produce exciting products that the customers, together with us can be proud of.

Ensuring complete operability of a digital part of the business, and realizing that we do the necessary and important job is the highest value. A reliable IT partner for digital business, who understands the market and stays in charge of technologies is the vendor our customers looking for.

Go ahead and discover more about us, our teams and professional gains we are proud about.


The people who make the company as it is our main competitive advantage. They are the supreme value. We struggle to provide the most significant opportunity to the employees meet the essential needs for esteem and self-actualization.


Efficient communication promotes great results. We care about good relations around the company and build a long-term trusting relationship with customers and partners. Prioritizing their objectives and challenging ideas we are often motivated for the perfection.


Advanced technology, digitalization and robotization lead to the global enhancement. We are a big part of this transformation. When providing solutions and finding answers to complicated technical questions we make the world more comfortable and modern.


We prove high-level service and guarantee the quality of every provided solution. On the way to success and impeccable reputation, we aim to be the most reliable partner.


One little fix able to influence the environment or even change the whole world. Encouraged by innovations we recognise the advantages of new ideas and initiatives. Technical insights are appreciated in JEVERA (JBS) and treated with full respect.


The lines between the Present and Future are blurred due to innovations, emerging technologies, IoT. Every minute we recognise how evolving ideas materialize with every new product or application. We are providers and consumers of the same inventions in global progressive motion.