Shipment management system
Business support solution for cargo transportation management

Shipment Management System brings together all participants in the logistics chain, helps find relevant transports and cargos, allows to get informational support about your own shipment. The simple search, actual information about transportation, transparent competition, a system of notifications of the important shipment events and logistics operations – all these options developed to help carriers, customers and forwarders solve the problem of cargo transportation.




  • Adding and management of trucks and cargos
  • Flexible search and filtration
  • Online deals
  • Communication between deal participants
  • Shipment status monitoring
  • Information for drivers and vehicles involved in shipment
  • Fraud prevention
Marketing research and business solution
Long-term product roadmap
Business process engineering
Solution architecture and IT landscape development
Software development
UI/UX high-level design
Functional and performance quality assurance
Continuous delivery process introduction