Relational Database Management System
A high-performance analytical transactions processing solution for representing data analysis from multiple perspectives

Relational Database Management System empowers users to create analytical read-only RDBMS with high-performance and security hallmarks. It serves to facilitate extensive calculations in different areas of analytical efforts application. Being online read-only solution that incorporates possibilities to organize data warehousing in-place it serves to perform operations for accounting, financial and power analytics, reporting and various types of Online Analytical Transactions Processing (OLAP).




  • The high-performance read only RDBMS for wide range of analytical purposes, data quality assessment, data profiling, reporting tasks

  • Advanced data compression and encryption

  • Strong security options for various types of sensitive information: compliant with DoD, DHS requirements  for sensitive data protection, significant cryptographic operations utilize implementation of algorithms approved by FIPS 140-2

  • Absolute data control of End-Point computing architecture

Long-term product roadmap implementation
Business process formalisation and engineering
Software development: product renovation
UI enhancements and defects elimination
Lab environment for benchmarking test based on TPC framework
Functional and performance quality assurance
Continuous delivery process introduction
Project documentation design and development