Transportation & logistics

Today’s international transportation and logistics market needs a wide and strong network of companies which provide international freight services, at the same time the companies requires reliable solutions that  resolve as domestic transportation tasks, so international single-pass and multi-pass transportation tasks providing simplicity, actuality, transparency and informing clients about all the steps of delivery or logistics operations.

Represented on today’s market solutions mainly focused on large companies with an established interaction system, while small and medium business need a solution with a large database of cargoes and trucks for own growth and ability to compete with the representatives of big business. JBS team has a deep industry experience and a number of successfully implemented enhanced shipment booking service which provides a simplified and user-friendly approach for all parties involved in the cargo transportation business. 

The key functional benefits that can bring your transportation business to a new level:


  • Quick and handy interaction over up-to-date user interface
  • Enhanced communication between users via mobile and web applications
  • Focusing on large and intercity/international transportations
  • Attracting various market participants (drivers, dispatchers, VAS partners)
  • Small and medium businesses coverage
  • Expenses decrease owing to no cost related to installation,
  • Upgrading and updating the hardware and software
What we do
Business model design and product development strategy
Long-term product roadmap
Business process formalisation and engineering
Solution architecture and IT landscape
All required software components
Functional and performance quality
Continuous delivery process introduction
Access to new markets and acquire new segments of customers