In today’s rapidly changing business environment every communications service provider that wants to thrive in his business strives for fast time-to-market, enhanced customer experience, rapid and continuous revenue and profit growth. It might be difficult to innovate in the fast-paced telecom market when your business model planned for years ahead.

Telecommunication industry requires its market players to learn fast and adapt quickly, differentiate and respond immediately to permanently changing end-users preferences and introduce innovative revenue generating services. JBS team offers full life-cycle business solutions development for telecommunications businesses, like mobile and fixed-line operators, MNVOs, BSS products vendors, system integrators, OTT services providers, Internet and cable/ satellite TV providers, etc. 

Discover the benefits we can bring to your business:


  • Fast evaluation of your marketing strategy
  • Better product or service positioning on market
  • Assess acquisitions and strategic partnerships
  • Product or service development to rapidly developing markets
  • Developing bundle and value-added-service strategies
  • Adapt business models to your products and services
  • Access to new markets and acquire new segments of customers
What we do
Advanced analytics
Customer relationship management
Real-time management
Anti-spam control
Infrastructure adjustment and optimization
OSS/BSS for multi-platform services provisioning