It’s vitally necessary to share our philosophy of “enjoying the work you do” to become an integral part of the team. Along with you professional knowledge and desire to develop, we cherish that from the very beginning we are sensitive to each other. Our company is like a net of neurones where all the connections are equally respected. We believe that each person is unique and that’s the basis of strength for our teams. You can find your own place here and your own path to success. We consider this as the basis of the success for the company.

If the Ideal Work exists, that is the work in JEVERA (JBS). Being a part of our big family, respecting your borders, thinking about your comfort, understanding your needs and providing you free space to develop may sound like fantastic, but that’s all true. After 15 years of working for production, education and even nuclear plant construction I longed for a work, where people are really the core value for the company. Which I found here, 6 years ago, and which I enjoy every day, working with all these wonderful people around.

Julia Piven, ex. HR Manager

HR department pays much attention to the recruitment process. We firmly believe that the key to success at work is in simple things. A friendly team, interesting tasks, common will to succeed - this is the winning combination to help grow and develop to each member of the team. JEVERA (JBS) family always associated with positive spirit and mutual respect among the employees. It is a place where all the ideas are listened and being heard. Together we can overcome any barriers.

Tanya Pavlenko, Recruiter

The recruiting approach we practice in JEVERA (JBS) is very close to me. We do not search people just to close a vacancy. We welcome talented, energetic, open-minded candidates who feel the necessity to develop and continuously learn something new - this is the kind of people who will be comfortable here. Each person is unique, we understand and respect candidate’s interests, we are honest and attentive with each candidate. During interviews I used to hear that developers much more inspired with their work when they develop useful software. We like such people and want them to become a part of our team. Work in JEVERA (JBS) is a nice place for professional growth, here each employee is valued. What could be better than a kind friendly team that despite difficult tasks and mistakes continues moving ahead and believing in yourself? Realising myself a part of this team makes me feel a happy recruiter.

Tanya Osnadchuk, Recruiter


Senior Front-end Developer
Zhytomyr, Kiev, Chernihiv
QA Engineer (Manual/Automation)
Zhytomyr, Chernihiv
Middle/Senior Java Developer
Kiev, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr