A partnership with JEVERA (JBS) can help meet business objectives, enrich your innovation with knowledge and experience in delivering well-performing IT solutions. We know how to make your business case succeed as an IT solution, and what to automate to make it comply with the key drivers of your business - all without excessive costs of non-essential features. Here are some of the benefits a partnership with us will bring:
Complex approach

We define key business values, identify and formalise business processes, choose the right ones to be automated. We realise the need for an expert level approach to the definition of proper software and solution architecture, reflecting the required level of systems availability and workload growth.

Quick start

For a quick start of the project with efficient investments, we can enrich the IT solution with ready components and tools, making it easily scalable in response to business volume and consumer base growth.

Product-oriented thinking

Each team member enters the project with higher-level involvement and personal responsibility for product success. The team in a whole feels shared responsibility for making the project successful.

Software product lifecycle

Software product lifecycle involves a bigger vision: from an idea, through commercial use, to decline and replacement with a newer solution. And when software coding is done, it is not the end of the story: integration and load tests, release management and fine-tuning of IT environment for production use, organising support service and continuous improvement of the solution gives your business case the necessary support and helps you provide superior user experience to your customers.

Time savings

Good understanding of complete software product lifecycle affects priorities and solution architecture decisions at the early stages of product development. It gives a significant saving of time and resources on the actions following the system launch.


We guarantee that you’ll get expectable, actual, competitive results. To make the solution great, we are capable of managing it for each of the required steps and activities, operating at the level of key drivers of your business, not expecting the formal definition of requirements from you and not requiring them to be cast in stone. We are motivated to achieve exciting results and strongly interested in your business model effectiveness.


Agility in technologies and business helps adjust rapidly to changing market conditions and began project activities in a flexible, responsive and comfortable for you manner. We know that you have a lot of things to care about: the mission of your business, the innovation that makes your business case unique and competitive, and the most important success criteria. So we into implementing the required IT solution while you can focus on your business goals.


We are open to the customers and always offer them from the variety of business models the one, that suits exactly to their business needs. We provide a consultation based on the project context when one model than another better for your case.


Transparency is our fundamental value. We build our relationships with clients as trusted partners. With no overpromise and underdeliver. The superior principle is mutual trust and shared values – among everybody, from engineering team members to key decision makers.

11 products in care
Our team in care of 11 software products life cycle combined into several IT solutions
Support for our partners
We provide required 2nd and 3rd level of support for our products and solutions same as virtual infrastructure maintenance
Optimal levels of abstraction
Carefully chosen, optimal levels of abstraction that reduce future rework and facilitate support and reuse of components
No compromise on quality
Quality under control via process and execution
60 engineers in 2 cities available
Team is extending in a sustainable manner with strong corporate culture and care for each team member's professional development and personal achievements
Result-oriented culture
Each team member cares about the value their job adds to partner business success
Clear communications
Our strategy is open information exchange between all the team members, creating common vision and understanding. At the same time, following NDA conditions is ensured
Dedication, enthusiasm and take-charge attitude
Enthralling opportunities, good working conditions and positive attitude motivates people to realize their potential
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